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Defra announces a second consultation for a Coastal Path on the Isle of Wight

Defra announced a new consultation which runs to 24 January 2014

The purpose of this consultation is to give a second opportunity for people to state (or re-state) their views on whether or not the Government should make an order for the Isle of Wight.

The consultation particularly invites views on the degree of priority that should be accorded to the making of an order, and the implementation of any coastal access proposals for the Isle of Wight as against the rest of the coastal access programme, given limited funds for the overall programme. The consultation is online at:


David Howarth, Area Chairman, Isle of Wight Ramblers said "This is a tremendous opportunity for all Islanders to show their support for this essential scheme. Whilst the rest of England is developing a 2800 mile coastal path, the Island is currently excluded. The financial benefits would be extremely beneficial to the Island's economy- we know that £380 million was spent by users of the South West Coastal Path in 2011. The current island path is good in parts, but there are some 21 miles which are nowhere near the sea. An order to develop our coastal path would produce a world class trail."


The Isle of Wight Area of the Ramblers has over 550 members in 2 groups - The Isle of Wight Group and Wight Sole Group (mainly for the 20 to 40 age group). Information about Wight Sole can be found at their own website www.wightsole.org.uk  Each week the groups lead a variety of walks on the Island and occasionally on the mainland. They will be delighted to welcome you.

The Isle of Wight has over 500 miles of public rights of way.

hts of way. We help maintain them by walking them, reporting faults and carrying out practical work. This is one of the best networks of paths in the country with spectacular views of the coast, estuaries, downs and woodland. There are also 26 areas of access land on the Island.

The Ramblers is for the benefit of everyone, the enjoyment and discovery that walking outdoors can bring. As a charity, we campaign to increase and improve access to the countryside.   



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