The Ramblers, as a charity almost entirely dependent on membership subscriptions, needs you.

But an association, by its very nature, is a two-way exchange - a partnership, a joint effort. We believe, and the many thousands of walkers who have benefited from the Ramblers work will agree, that you need us too.

Together, we can turn our passion for walking into progress. It's what we've been doing for the last 70 years and it's what, with your support, we can continue to do well into the future by:

  • getting more people walking as part of a healthy lifestyle, for sustainable transport and as a way of enjoying their local communities
  • securing greater access to our beautiful coast
  • persuading local councils to take better care of and responsibility for their footpaths
  • enabling more people to enjoy and appreciate our inspiring countryside
  • encouraging more families to share the wonders of walking


Please follow the link if you would like more information about membership of the Ramblers.