AGM 2018


AGM 2018


Members are invited to attend this year's Group and Area AGM which will take place at Arreton Community Centre on Saturday 28 January 2017, starting at 10:00. The agenda for the meeting can be found on the link below. 

Over 50 members attended in 2016 when Tony Tutton gave a talk about the National Trust. Our MP answered questions and Ramblers Treasurer Alex Manning spoke about activities at Central Office. A wonderful lunch cooked on the premises was enjoyed by all 

Please note that the 2017 AGM will start at 10am and all proceedings finish by 1 pm when a homemade lunch with a choice of hot puddings will be served. There will a short walk after lunch for those who may be interested.

All members are invited to attend. Please submit any motions for discussion, or changes to the constitutions, to David Howarth by 14 January 2017 so that Area and Group can consider their response prior to the meeting.

Members are also encouraged to submit nominations for all office holders, a Group representative for Area Council, and to select two representatives for General Council to be held at Southampton University in 1st and 2nd April 2017. A vote will be taken if more the number of nominations exceed the number of vacancies. If vacancies cannot be filled at the meeting, the committees can be authorised to fill the roles.

The agenda and lunch booking form can be found in the link below or enclosed with the AGM insert in the latest edition of WalkTalk.

So do please note that this is a change to the usual arrangements and the START TIME is 10am

NB It is important to note that if certain office holders or an independent examiner cannot be found, the AGM can authorise the committee to fill these vacancies at their discretion at a later date.

You can download the following PDF documents: