St. Lawrence



I was recently contacted by a resident of St Lawrence asking for advice regarding a claim he was making for a footpath to be added to the Definitive Map. 

He writes:

I am certain that many of us who are lucky enough to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty enjoy our fabulous country and sea views by walking the myriad paths that run around St Lawrence. 

The majority of paths are clearly delineated as public footpaths, bridleways or byways and we all have a legal right to use such footpaths. However, other footpaths that have been used for decades may not have been formally recorded as legal rights of way and if we are not vigilant they are easily lost, forever. 

A case in point is a parcel of what was natural woodland that lies in between the old railway line footpath and bridleway V73 that runs from Inglewood Park up to the Whitwell Road. This walk is sometimes known as Paradise Walk. 

I and others have walked paths that run through the centre of this land joining the bridleway and the public footpath for over twenty years. Walkers have now been prevented from using these paths by the erection of a fence and the bulldozing of the area. We can reinstate our walks if we can substantiate that sufficient people have used these paths. So if you have walked these paths and are interested in saving them for future generations to enjoy please contact me at or telephone 01983 855467.

Any members who may have used this connecting path at any time during the last 20 years may like to make contact direct or with me, John Hague, on 01983 862842