Island Paths

There are 520 miles of Rights of Way on the Isle of Wight, these are designated as follows:

  • Footpaths - For the use of pedestrians only
  • Bridleway - For the use of pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders
  • Byeways Open To All Traffic (BOATS) - For the use of pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and restricted use by road traffic (see local signs)
  • Access Land - This is land that is available for pedestrians and marked yellow on the O/S map. Island Access land loacations are found at: Access Land
  • Permissive Paths - Landowners give permission to use these paths on private land.  The paths are not marked on a map but signs indicate the route.  The following link shows the current locations of permissive paths on the Island: Permissive Paths

Paths are numbered on the map within each designated Parish e.g.F31 is a footpath in Freshwater.  The key to the parish codes are shown on the map.

Some of the paths are also Local Trails. These are shown on the map.

To find the map please follow this link: